Why did the businessman cross the road?

May 18, 2017

For many business owners there comes a point where outsourcing document scanning makes economic sense.  What we do at Advanced Imaging Solutions is minimize the time it takes to get the documents into the business by digitizing the file room.  We can get the information into your line of business application much faster.  Digitizing your documents can also save money for postage, shipping, and space.



Advanced Imaging Solutions also offers both document and form management software.  Document and form management system software can help manage, organize, and sort documents, reducing dependence on paper. 



Knock, Knock
who’s there?
I don’t know, my file name was changed.



One great perk of an electronic filing system software program is it can help with not just setting up good naming conventions to make documents easier to find and keep track of, but it can also search for specific terms or subjects. That way if a name is changed, the document can still be found.



Why did the businessman cross the road?
To get to a file at another office.



Having to go to a physical office or computer and having to meet up with clients or departments to access a file is a waste of time, energy, and company resources. Electronic filing system software can provide remote access to files, making them accessible whether you are working in the office, or at home, or out on the road somewhere.




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