Hurricane Irma

September 13, 2017


After due diligence, I’ve discovered that I’ve lived through 21 hurricanes in my life.  That is 21 more than I care to remember, although let’s all admit it as children we loved playing in the winds. I am grateful that in this instance my community was spared from hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and those that were affected are in our thoughts and prayers! As an adult and business owner there is nothing fun or funny about potential loss from a storm. Besides the obvious potential loss of property there is the inherent frustration of lost documents.  Paper records that have become water saturated are extremely expensive to mediate.  And the cost not to remediate could result in catastrophic problems for a company.  Gartner Research: only 6 percent of companies survive longer than two years after losing data.  The benefits of imaging your valuable records are numerous:


1.            Disaster Preparedness


2.            Immediate Access to information


3.            Simultaneous access to information


4.            Productivity Improvements


5.            Customer service is enhanced


6.            Distribution of information is cheap and easy


7.            Document/File integrity


8.            Labor reduction/relocation


9.            Work-Flow improvements


10.          Manages government compliance requirements


11.          WEB enabled access to company documents


12.          Reduction of floor space dedicated to file cabinets/boxes


13.          Reduced costs in file box storage


14.          Eliminate manual Data key entry errors


15.          Disaster Preparedness- cannot be overstated



Kathryn Smith, CDIA+ is the owner of Advanced Imaging Solutions, Inc.


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