Want to Improve Your Bottom Line? Try Imaging

March 8, 2018


Let’s look at a few specific ways document imaging can help you grow your business:


Improved customer service: Document imaging has been used to reduce retrieval time for customers’ reference documents from hours to seconds. It’s been used to reduce approval times for loans from days to minutes. Anytime you can solve a problem or service for a customer in a single session (versus having to call them back), you not only improve customer satisfaction, but also increase your chances of closing a sale and/or garnering repeat business.


HR-Faster turnaround times: This is related to improved customer service but has additional benefits as well. Let’s say a contractor needs to on-board individuals to fulfill a staffing requirement. Being able to pass documentation through an imaging-enabled automated HR process can shorten that process to a couple hours versus a matter of days, and can enable that contractor to start generating revenue from a job sooner.


AP-Freeing up resources: If your A/P professionals are spending a good deal of time entering data from incoming invoices and then manually checking on their status when vendors call, they aren't spending that time doing things such as negotiating better deals with vendors and/or studying cash flows—which could help improve cash management and grow business.


These are just a few examples of how document imaging technologies can help drive growth. The bottom line is that by improving efficiencies in your document-centric processes, you are better able to focus on your core business, which should help drive you forward. 


Now that you’re hopefully on-board with why you should implement a document imaging solution, let’s talk about how we can help you get the paper quickly digitized into the system.  Our company offers on-site or off-site document scanning services utilizing our experienced personnel at no additional cost to you.  From pennies per page we can address any document, drawing, map, book, or film scanning needs.


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