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Memories of a Baton Rouge Influential Woman

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being invited to the annual Baton Rouge Business Report Influential Women in Business luncheon. As usual I was in awe of the accomplishments of this incredibly diverse group of achievers. As a former recipient I also know the profound and deep honor it is to be publicly recognized for achieving goals that in the beginning may have seemed unachievable. After all, when I started my career women were not held in high esteem.

The article in the May 22 edition states some characteristics that these women have in common. I won’t quote the entire article, because I hope you will read it. But, I did make note that one thing each woman stated was that they pray. I could be wrong, but I’d think if you had a group of 10 men that were being recognized in this manner not all would state publicly that they pray. Is it just me, or do you also find that statement inspirational? I pray too. Maybe being in business as a woman forces us to pray because we have to overcome some obstacles men don’t have to overcome.

My old fashioned Daddy stated to me once that “the only reason you get appointments Kathy is because you have a pretty face”. Can you imagine my anger at that statement? Of course, I was raised to never disrespect my parents, so my answer back was “well Daddy that may be the reason I get in the door, but I damned well better know what I’m talking about or I’ll be asked to go back out that door”. Can you imagine a man being told such? No, never.

It wasn’t easy to be taken seriously in the 1980’s and even beyond. I had to “dress the part, talk the talk, and walk the walk” because I wanted to be taken seriously. And do you know what happened? Not only did I become a top 5% achiever nationwide in a male dominated corporation, but also a Japanese corporation. In 1998 I was one of only 3 women nationwide that was awarded my own exclusive Canon dealership. At last Canon recognized the value of woman achievers.

How did I do it? I earned respect, I worked very hard, and I never stopped believing, and I never stopped praying. I’m proud of my accomplishments, and I’m proud to be an ongoing part of the Baton Rouge Business Report’s recognition of hard working Influential Woman in Business.

Congratulations 2018 female leaders!

Beverly Brooks Owner-Thompson Brooks Thompson Consulting

Marie Constantin Owner-Marie Constantin Photography

Fran Gladden VP-Cox Communications

Sherri Lebas President-G.E.C.Engineering

Gaylynne Mack Director-Big Buddy

Laura S. O’Brien Owner-Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Cynthia Peterson Dean-LSU College of Science

Laura Simpson President-Dugas Pest Control

Sarah B. Taylor CEO-Gulf Coast Occupational Medicine

Kathy Victorian Marketing Manager-Healthy Blue

You girls rock!

Kathryn Smith, CDIA+ is the founder and owner of Advanced Imaging Solutions, Inc. a document scanning and system provider.

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