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Top 9 Collectible Coins

What are the rarest US coins that coin collectors go “gaga” for?

1909-S Lincoln Cent- less than 500,000 were made

1943 Bronze Lincoln Cent-only about 40 were made by accident and one could fetch you the value a nice world cruise.

1913 Liberty Nickel-just 5 of these were made and can cause a deposit to your bank account in the range of $3 million+.

1916 D Mercury Dime-only about 264,000 of them were made

1901 S Barber Quarter-less than 75K made, they can fetch up to 20K for one.

1916 Standing Liberty Quarter-only 52,000 were minted and the only coin that ever showed a bare breasted Miss Liberty.

1804 Bust Silver Dollar-these were actually thought to have been minted in the mid 1830’s, and were sold as presentation sets. One of these sold in 1999 for a mere $4.1 million.

1893 S Morgan Dollar-only 100,000 minted and can bring up to $ 100,000.00 each.

1933 Double Eagle Gold Coin-made from 1907 to 1933 most of the 443,000 made were eventually melted by the US mint. This coin is considered the most beautiful of all US coins, and only 13 are known to exist. One coin in 2002 was sold for $7.5 million at auction.

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