September 13, 2017

After due diligence, I’ve discovered that I’ve lived through 21 hurricanes in my life.  That is 21 more than I care to remember, although let’s all admit it as children we loved playing in the winds. I am grateful that in this instance my community was spared from hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and those that were affected are in our thoughts and prayers! As an adult and business owner there is nothing fun or funny about potential loss from a storm. Besides the obvious potential loss of property there is the inherent frustration of lost documents.  Paper records that have become water saturated are extremely expensive to mediate.  And the cost not to remediate could result in catastrophic problems for a company.  Gartner Research: only 6 percent of companies survive longer than two years after losing...

July 19, 2017

Most of us that live in Louisiana are familiar with the World War II museum.  It is the number one rated attraction in our state, a well-deserved reaction to an amazing space and place.  However, did you know there is an International World War II museum that is located in Natick, Massachusetts?  Natick is a tiny community about 10 miles west of Boston, so next trip to Boston I’d put this on my “must see” list.

The archive of this museum is open to scholars and historians on an appointment only basis.  This archive contains over a half million manuscript pages, 75,000 photographs, 3500 posters, 750 photo albums, thousands of maps and research books.  These pieces are largely unpublished, so they provide a wealth of information that has yet to be circulated. 

An interesting fact o...

June 20, 2017

In 2007 the LSU Division of Economic Development determined:

·         27% of Orleans parish business failed after Katrina

·         42% of firms in New Orleans with 5 or fewer employees failed

·         54% of St. Bernard businesses failed

·         21% of Employers in Cameron Parish are gone after Rita

·         13% of Employers in Plaquemine’s Parish gone after Katrina/Rita

Although businesses routinely back up their servers, the problem is that 90% of organizations knowledge still resides in paper.   One of the inherent benefits of electronic (digitized) documents is that a copy can easily be made and stored off-site, and viewe...

May 18, 2017

For many business owners there comes a point where outsourcing document scanning makes economic sense.  What we do at Advanced Imaging Solutions is minimize the time it takes to get the documents into the business by digitizing the file room.  We can get the information into your line of business application much faster.  Digitizing your documents can also save money for postage, shipping, and space.

Advanced Imaging Solutions also offers both document and form management software.  Document and form management system software can help manage, organize, and sort documents, reducing dependence on paper. 

Knock, Knock
who’s there?
I don’t know, my file name was changed.

One great perk of an electronic filing system software program is it can help with not just setting up good naming conv...

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